Tour de Lakes – Down to the Wire

mtb sept 09 024 Well I’m a happy bike rider after a successful Easter weekend down at the Tour de Lakes! We were extremely lucky to have the use of the Benchmark Homes Sprinter van so the team travelled in comfort with room for everything we needed. The Benchmark Homes Cycling Team for the tour was Will Bowman, George Tutton and myself in the men’s and Marewa Kraak, Julia Grant and Haley Mercer in the women’s race. [Continue reading]

Single Road Bicycles: Enjoyable and Exciting Ride

It is important to mention that numerous worthy reasons behind riding the single road bicycles even nowadays. For example, best road bikes under 1000 have simpler functions as compare to the geared bike. These bikes are also lighter and economical than an average geared bicycle.

Majority of the couriers truly love the single speed bikes due to the single inclined and simple design.

It looks like travelers are also trying to get rid of the geared bicycles for a gear free, road stimulated and derailleur free bicycles.Single Speed bikes

Single speed bicycles contain a single chain circular ring at pedals. Moreover, one more ring on rear wheel. Therefore, the feature of having no gears for alter is making the road bike very easy and simple to ride.

Unexpectedly, according to the perfectionists who actually like to ride the single speed road bike, there are other several gratifying techniques to ride. Nevertheless, this bike has its own limitation as cyclists merely have only one gear ratio when they are riding. Apart from fun and entertainment, it can become a sort of workout particularly if cyclists are used to ride with several speed bikes.

Furthermore, the main trick of getting more comfortable with the single speed road bicycle is attaining right gear ratio and kind of riding cyclist prefer. Here I am talking about the projection ration, which is between a front shackle loops to a rear shackle loop on your bicycle.

A usual ration may be 48-projection loop on the front crank set.

Moreover, the 16-projection on rear ring. Beside this, the manner it operates is the least ratio and small amount of projection on front loop ring. Contrary to this, another set up which works quite well for several cyclist is to have 52-projection loop ring on front and 17-projection on rear freewheel.front crank set

However, it is advisable that an ideal to find out that what will works perfectly is to ride around for various days utilizing several ratios between the rear and front. Additionally, single speed road bicycles without a diffusion in conjunction with simple appearance provide it ideal aspect and an impression of vintage road bike.

Riding these kinds of the bikes sometimes demands much more from the cyclists, therefore they should find an additional drive or an additional power in order to complete their ride which most of them might even did not know they have before. Likewise, single road bicycles are lighter and simpler.

Some cyclists who used to ride the single road bicycle for recreational purpose, they might not look to find plenty of it. Even though, some of them like its speed and some like it due to its comfortable ride. Single speed road bicycles can give the cyclist both comfort and speed. Moreover, if they jump on pedals, single speed road bikes can easily take off. These bikes are considered as the ideal way of fun ride. These bikes also contain the complete subculture, which captures the soul and heart of the rider.